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Hey I posted a while back about a video that me and some friends made called Pocket Monsters.

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos /view/the-escapist-film-festival-2009/

We were in The Escapist video contest and while we did not win we are still making sequels.

The second episode has been filmed and we're adding in all the special effects.

Stay updated on our stuff by:
Joining our facebook group (we're looking for actors/3D artists):
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pa ges/Pocket-Monsters/194372459830?ref=t s

Follow our film company on Twitter:

Or following me on Twitter:

And I'm still working on some flash stuff I'm just trying to find time to get it all done.

Keeping you up to date! (Need actors/3D artistis)

Pocket Monsters

2009-12-11 12:18:26 by ApothicFlash

Hey guys we have a video on the escapist and it would be cool if everyone that visited my page could vote for us!

Top prize gets a deal with the escapist to continue making videos.

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos /view/the-escapist-film-festival-2009/

Please click the "Viewers Choice Vote For This Video" Button!!!

You can vote once per day! So vote as many times as possible :D

Pocket Monsters

Ranger Doosh 2 Updates

2009-05-30 12:07:18 by ApothicFlash

First of all we're sorry for the long delay of Ranger Doosh 2 and to show just how bad we feel we made this video to let you know what's going on.

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And here is a promotional video for the up and coming Ranger Doosh 2!

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So please keep looking forward to it.

Ranger Doosh on the Radio!

2009-03-29 14:53:55 by ApothicFlash

Hey guys I was just informed that Ranger Doosh was mentioned on the radio station THE BUZZ out of Arkansas.

I think that is just way awesome!

Anyways you can check out the video that is making it onto radio stations across the nation below:

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And as always check out Tejeti.com for all the updates on episode 2!

Gang of dooshbags!

2009-03-04 15:31:12 by ApothicFlash

Hey the first episode of "smile for Ranger Doosh" is now out on newgrounds! Huzzah and hurray!

Ranger's brother, Greenburg, gets on American Idol and Chello has an idea to make the gang hideoudiously rich!

Made in the style of Tom goes to the mayor.

Check out tejeti.com for more!

Thanks to Paperbat for all his help!

Watch Ranger Doosh HERE!

Gang of dooshbags!

Such a douche

2009-02-17 19:53:37 by ApothicFlash

Well I just posted my newest video in over a year and we've finished the first episode of the series "Smile For Ranger Doosh!"

Hi everyone! I know Ranger Doosh was supposed to be out last week and it is on youtube, but we had some problems incorporating it into flash so I'm having to redo the entire thing and I expect the first episode to appear on Newgrounds within the week. Thanks for your continued support!

Check out the promo:

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You can check out the Ranger Doosh official NG page here!

Ranger Doosh! What?

2009-01-24 15:06:26 by ApothicFlash

I'm coming up with a new series called "Smile for Ranger Doosh!" and it's about people who are trying to be the next internet sensation and have battles and stuff!

Check the link below to see the intro for episode 1.

http://www.tejeti.com/ranger_doosh.htm l

Thanks for stopping by!


2008-08-07 10:09:58 by ApothicFlash

Due to some recent events in my pointless life I'm taking a hiatus from: flash, newgrounds, and the like.

I wish you all well.

Sexy Pillow Fight and More!!!!!

2008-07-03 13:03:23 by ApothicFlash

Alright I figured it was time to get some real updates going!
First and foremost we have a sexy pillow fight!

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Followed by our own 2 girls 1 cup reaction video!!

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Flash Related Updates:
1. I was entering a game into the maxgames contest!, but it seems unlikely now.
2. Working on an MGS short with strike911
3. Started my part of Megaman Vs. Link on the Sprite Fight Tourney
4. Started work on a music video for a local band called Welcome the Silence

Man I'm busy! :(

Attention Filmmakers

2008-06-19 12:49:39 by ApothicFlash

No I'm not talking about flash animations that call themselves films. I'm talking about live-action vids. Submit your film to stickamovie.com. We're trying to build a community of filmmakers and we can't do it without you!

Now on a flash related note:
I'm not doing a collab for a long time :3

And I'm in the early stages of making on online game and a point-and-click adventure! So be on the lookout!

Random pic so you don't necessarily have to read this to get enjoyment!

Attention Filmmakers